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Got around to adding a "nice" layout to the [personal profile] tiopa account, and in the process added a little header blurb: beauty so massive and alarming, the sun itself fell as his rival. Drawing from the mythology of the Great Dragons, it just has me thinking... if Narek created the Great Dragons just to keep her company, it would make sense that she herself would be the most massive and frightening and glorious. Unless this is linked.

Unless this is the reason Narek fell so suddenly weak and had to shed physical form.

What if... after being exiled, Narek's plan was to mount revenge against those who exiled her, so she put the most energy and magic she could into the creation of a servant capable of doing this, using the only resources she had: her own power, and the mountains.

The result was Elumscien, who was a hulking hellbeast of a familiar that blotted out the sun and could probably lay a small city to waste with, like, a tail swipe. But Elumscien was also product of Narek's negative emotions -- vengeance, vanity, myopia, etc. Before Elumscien could even be directed by the Elder Dragon to do anything, he got into a bullying match with the fucking sun and ate it because it was a threat to his beauty.

At this point, Narek, weakened, saw the error of her ways and split Elumscien in two. The negative and positive aspects were split between the new creations -- Elumhadey and Rehescien -- though they would always be halves of the same whole, dependent. From that failed experiment, Narek became determined (or so the story goes) to build an empire of her own, a clutch of offspring to help her return to the free lands in triumph rather than vengeance.

Cue the curses, the thousands, Kasciy and Alteyrn and the Wasp Queen and all sort of Tios mythos goodness. Eventually cue Tiopa itself.

But really I just wanted to jot down and work out why Elumscien would've been so insanely massive and powerful. Oh yeah, old god vengeance is hella strong.

Maybe in ensuing books I'll get around to why Narek was exiled in the first place.

*whispers* Nel form for Narek, though... *vibrates*
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