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 (i wrote this on tumblr as a response to some shitty post that was making the rounds, something along the lines of "haha all the books i find in the bookstore are about cis white relationships why would i ever want to buy those, i have fanfic!" the entire theme of the post seemed to be "thanks for trying, writers, but online i have these magical stories that appear out of thin air that are inclusive and engaging and free!" at least that's where my brain, which tends to extrapolate it, took the meaning. because i extrapolate too much)

(when drafting this post at work that day i had LIKE FIVE MORE PARAGRAPHS i eventually edited out that went more into the psychology of writing and creating an engaging and believable world, and why that's not always conducive to the sort of social networking writers are "expected" to do in order to make it big, but anyway...)

(i deleted the post after less than a day because i was like "no, that's really stupid and ranty and indulgent so, bye)

(but i like to think i have the experience and legs to stand on, in fandom and in the writing scene, that i've earned my right to get a little ranty)

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