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This is mostly because I think we're in this to get to know each other and potentially get the gears turning again on what "social journaling" even entails -- it's been a long time for me, I know! So I mentioned on Twitter doing a little survey thing. Good conversation starter, maybe we can get to know each other a bit, plus it'll fill up a journal entry for ya, so why not?

Here are the questions so you don't have to c/p all my answers and get rid of them too!

01. Name You Go By:
02. Age:
03. Do you have pets?:
04. Talk about something that's currently worrying/bugging you:
05. Talk about something that's currently, on the other hand, making you happy:
06. Favorite song right now at this very moment:
07. What's your favorite snack?
08. Tell a story about your family.
09. What's your favorite movie of all-time?
10. Who are your idols?

haha i remember when i had to get used to calling these readmores )

OKAY GUYS POST YOUR OWN SURVEYS (I'm not going to STOP YOU from doing it in the comments but post a new entry so we can talk about YOU in your comments, yo!)

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